Lyrics and translation for album mei marandhen

1. Anbe enaduyir anbe


Anbe enathuyir anbe nee idhai kelu

Endrum manadhinil padithu vaithen unai paaru

Kaalam yaavilum unai ninaithen 

Kavalaigal indri enai maranthen

Endrum innilai iruppadharke

Iraivanai endrum vendugiren

Inippinai vaayil vaithirundhu

Vizhungaamal adhai anubavithen

Ella sugangalum ulaginile

Ippadi nilaikave vendugiren

Translation : 


My love, my life, listen to this

I always keep you buried deep inside my heart, come and see…

I’ve always been thinking about you

I forget about myself as I’m left with no worries

I pray to god that I should always be in this state of happiness.

Having kept the sweet in my mouth, I want to enjoy its sweetness without swallowing it

I pray that all the happiness in this world should last forever this way.


2. Kaadalaa


Kaadhalaa en ennangalile nirainthaai

Kaadhai thaa en idhaya thudippai Kelada

Paniyum soodaaga therigiradhe

Veyyilum kuliraaga irukkiradhe

Veetil irunthaalum veliyil irunthaalum

Undhan ninaippil manam muzhugiyade

Kai pesi vazhi endhan nilayai naan

Acchittunakku anuppivaithen – un

Badhilai kondu varuvarum alaigalai ingu

Edhir nokkiye kaathirunthen

Translation : 


My love(r), you’re filled in my thoughts

Get your ears closer to me and listen to my heart beats

Snow seems to be hot and the sunlight seems to be cold

Irrespective of whether I’m at home or outside, I end up sinking in your thoughts

I have conveyed this state of mine to you by sending a text message through my mobile phone

I’m eagerly waiting for those waves that would carry your reply back to me.


3. Kaadali


Kaadali un kannangal sivakka kanden

Kangalil un idhaya thudippai kanden

Undhan thagavalai paditha pinne unai

Sonthamaakkilolla mudiveduthen

Veetil sollavillai veliyil sollavillai

Thannan thaniyile magizndhirundhen

Kai pesi vazhi enthan badhilai naan

Paadal vadivile anuppugiren –en

Badhilai kodukka indha alaigalidam naan

Anuppum potthaanai amukki vitten

Translation :


My love(r), I can see you blush

I can see your heartbeat in your eyes itself

After reading your message on my phone

I decided to bring you into my life

I did not say this to anyone and was relishing these memories all by myself

I am sending my reply in the form of this song through my mobile phone

In order to give my reply through these signals I am pressing the “send” button now


4. Kannangalin kuzhiyadanil


Kannangalin kuzhiyadhanil mei marandhen

Ennullam nazhuvak kanden – un Sirippil uruvaana Iru

Malarndha kangalivai punnagai kalandhu

Ayarntha yaavarukum nodiyil polovu tharum

Vaiyagam padaithavanai vananga vendumayyaa

Siru Siru inbangal ippadi thandhadharke

Koondhalai viritthu vaithaai manadhai kavarndhadhe 

Endrum kuttraala aruvi pole

Vinodhamaai iruppinum vendugiren unnai

Manamidhai mudindhiduvaai unthan koonthalile

Translation : 


My heart melts and I forget myself seeing the dimples on your cheeks when you smile

These sparkling eyes blended with your smile removes everyone’s fatigue in no time bringing back instant shimmer

One has to thank god for giving such simple pleasures in life

Your hair flows down beautifully like a silver cascade and it captures my heart

A request to you, though strange

Tie my heart with your hair, thereby giving it stability.


5. Unarndhen


Unarndhen unarndhen idhayathil kaadhal unarvai

Magizndhen rasithen adhanai paattaai padithen

Mayakkidum punnagai kaana aaval konden

Sirippil palvarisaiyai kandu aayul maranthen

Kangalivai meengalai pole asayak kanden

Un azhagu idhayathil koyil konden

Golusavinzndha nerathil korka muyandren

Kannil vizhum thoosiyai naan oodhi eduthen

Vizhunda ottu pottai dhaan thedi koduthen

Idu pondra vaaippirku kaathirunthen :-)

Translation : 


I realized the feeling of love and enjoyed it thoroughly and gave it as a song

I was longing to see the intoxicating smile on you

I was flabbergasted at the beauty of your array of teeth (seen during your laughter)

I noticed your eyes that move like fish

I took shelter in your beautiful heart

I tried helping you when your anklet loosened

I blew out the dust from our eye

I helped you searching the sticker bindi when it fell down

I was always awaiting such opportunities J


6. Undan ninaippil


Undhan ninaippil urugi nei pol thelindhen

Negizhndhen nelindhen kavidhaiyai nandraai padithen

Vayal veliyil verum kaalil nadanthu sendren

Mutkalivai iruppinume valiyai poruthen

Mutkaldhanai nee edukka aaval konden

Vali indri en kaalai naan koduthen

Pudavayathil kosuvam thanai serkum pozhudhu

Padiyavaikka un udhavi ketka muyandren

Unnudhavi kidaitha pinbu ullam magizhndhen

Vaaippukkal varuvatharku vazhi vaguthen 

Translation : 


Drowned in your thoughts I melted like clarified butter

Overjoyed , I brought out a good song out of it

I walked barefoot in the farms, 

Bearing the pain of the pricking thorns

I was eagerly hoping that you would take out the thorns.  

I enjoyed giving you my legs (despite the pain) for getting the thorns out.

While pleating the saree I felt like seeking your assistance to make them straight. I was scintillated when you helped me with that. This way I keep creating opportunities for you! J


7. En anbe


En anbe unaithaan konden en nenjile

Eppodhum unnai thaan kanden un kannile

Vizhitha piragu urangum varayil endrum

Kan simittum neram kooda

Piriyaamai vendum kanne

Enavedhaan unnai konden naan En nenjile

Pala kodi aasigal kondu 

Manavazhvu amaithe pinbu

Sugam yaavum pagirvome endrum – em nenjile

Translation : 


Hi Love I have only you in my heart

My eyes are filled with you

From the time I’m awake till I sleep

I have you in my heart.

I don’t want to miss you even when I blink

Hence I kept you in my heart

Let’s get into a wed lock with everyone’s blessings 

And enjoy and share the pleasures of life