Audio Albums

Devotional Series 1


Available on various online music stores (Including OK Listen, Apple Music..etc) , Thoranam is an array of eight devotional songs in Tamil language on different dieties. Its important features are the intriguing lyrics (through the grace of the Lord) and a blend of traditional music with modern flavor giving larger room for creativity. 

Romantic series 1

This is set of seven romantic songs in Tamil available on all online music stores. The highlight of this song is the lyrics ( besides the tune). Two of these have a corresponding song as a response from the other partner.

Video Albums

Machaan daanda

This is a song on friendship, an apt one for movies. Click this link for the video.


This is a song on lord Ganesha in Sanskrit. The dance shoot is made in an 800 year old Shiva temple by name Someshwar Mandir in Pune. It is a treat to watch the mindblowing postures in the backdrop of this beautiful temple.

Click the following link to watch the video.


Watch this space for future releases