Audio Albums

Thoranam - Devotional Songs



Available on various online music stores (Including OK Listen, Apple Music..etc) , Thoranam is an array of eight devotional songs in Tamil language on different dieties. Its important features are the intriguing lyrics (through the grace of the Lord) and a blend of traditional music with modern flavor giving larger room for creativity. 

Mei Marandhen - Romantic Songs


This is set of seven romantic songs in Tamil available on all online music stores. The highlight of this song is the lyrics ( besides the tune). Two of these have a corresponding song as a response from the other partner.

Guru Kataaksham - Devotional Songs


This  album has a song each on Maha Periyavaa and Adi Shankaracharya, besides a song on Devi Kamaakshi, Lord Parameshwaran, Lord Murugan and Lord Ganeshan.

Thanjam Konden - Devotional Songs


This is a set of 7  wonderful songs on Lord Krishna coupled with an awesome music. 

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Video Albums

Machaan daanda


This is a song on friendship, an apt one for movies. Click this link for the video.



This is a song on lord Ganesha in Sanskrit. The dance shoot is made in an 800 year old Shiva temple by name Someshwar Mandir in Pune. It is a treat to watch the mindblowing postures in the backdrop of this beautiful temple.

Click the following link to watch the video.

Kuyil Ondru


This song describes the desire of a Cuckoo to meet Lord Krishna and please him. Its Cockoo sound is attributed to its efforts to call Lord Krishna as "Kanna" melodiously to mesmerise him. Translation in English available in Youtube video description section.

Lyrics videos

Thanjam Konden


This is a set of seven wonderful songs on Lord Krishna. This album brings the best of lyrics , melodious tune and mesmerising music topped up with a lyrics video treat. 

Endrum Azhiyaada


This is a sing on devi

Chikki Chikki

This is a trendy romantic duet song

This is a trendy romantic duet song

Shiva Shivaa...


This is a high-energy song on Lord Shiva with divine words pointing to the concept of oneness.